Wednesday, April 21, 2010

posts from the past (+ photos)

its spring!

time to think about what should go in the ground this year, and figure out what worked and didn't work last year. i guess this year will be a little easier now that i've actually had some practice at growing vegetables, but it also means i'll be spending a whole lot more time in the garden(s) since i know now what i need to be doing.

lots of photographs from last year:

i may try and do some 'posts from the past' over the next few weeks, since there were lots of fun things that happened in the garden last year that i never had time to write about.

blog posts soon to come:
- beets, and "can't be beet chocolate cupcakes" (rachy's bday cake)
- WWOOFing in england-- crooked end farm
- garden gazpacho
- searching for a CSA in DC (community supported agriculture)
- community garden, year 2
- so many seeds! where to put them all? companion gardening
- CSA work share-- get your veggies and grow them too!
- the amazing search engine:

more to come. happy spring!

field of daffodils near whitbey island, washington state- march 1, 2010

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