Sunday, April 24, 2011

welcome Emily! and here's some hot toddy cupcakes...

welcome to the blog, Emily!

emily and i live together in a co-op group house in DC, where we share a garden and cook together often. over the past few months we've made many lovely things that we should've been blogging about, but because i don't really like writing and need someone to help with that, nothing has been posted. so emily is here to save the day! we're going to start posting together, so look out for some new posts coming soon.

here's an example of some of emily's creations:
tofu benedict!

thanks emily :)

in other news, the garden is starting to come back to life. we've had salads of spinach, red leaf lettuce, chard, dandelion greens, and cilantro. soon we will also have radishes, snow peas, and beets.

we also had a bunch of fresh lemons last month which we've made many things with, like these hot toddy cupcakes. one of our housemates got a box of her home grown lemons from CA shipped here for her birthday last month.

the recipe is an adapted version of the chai cupcakes mixed with the yellow/vanilla cupcakes from "vegan cupcakes take over the world" and the icing was a basic lemon buttercream icing with some whiskey added to it, then topped with sliced lemons drizzled with agave.

ok, more soon. hopefully!

happy spring.
~em and em

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